Volume 7, Issue 4, 2022.

Speed Control of AC Motor in Hydraulic System by Using U/F Control Method in Matlab Simulink


In an effort to adapt the capacity of the pump in the hydraulic system to the requirements of the machine it drives, a large number of regulators, and hydraulic-mechanical devices, often with electronic control, have been developed. Hydraulics and electronics have been intensively complementing each other in recent years, so in a certain area of application, pumps with hydraulic-electronic regulators are being replaced with pumps of constant specific volume with variable speed (frequency regulator control). The paper presents research into the way electric motors are controlled, as well as the efficiency itself, which is reflected in energy savings and is dominant in application in hydraulic systems. This is seen through modeling and simulation, as well as experimental results.

Design of the Mechatronic System for Access Control to Protected Areas of Production Lines

Goran Šiniković, Nenad GUBELJAK, Emil VEG, Ivan MILANKOVIĆ, Mladen REGODIĆ

One of the critical characteristics of machine plants is safety at work. Safety barriers are one of the measures to reduce risk at work. Barriers are often used when controlling access to zones of increased danger is necessary. The type of protection depends on the type of industrial plant, risk assessment, and applicable regulations. To achieve the desired functionality, proper application and complete integration of the protection system into an existing management system are necessary. The paper shows the structural solution of the protection system in the printing plant of the “Tetra Pak” company from Gornji Milanovac. To meet the requirements, it is necessary to determine the required SIL (System Integrity Level) from the reference standard and determine the electronic components properly.

Programming of the Operator Panel for Control fnd Monitoring the Operation of Pumping Stations Using WinCC (TIA Portal) Software Package

Milan SIMOVIĆ, Slobodan LUBURA

The paper presents a system of automatic monitoring and control of a pumping station along the embankment of the Sava River in the area of the city of Srbac. The system is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) from the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 series, visualization and control is realized through an operator panel (HMI). from the SIMATIC KTP700 series. The mentioned system includes management of all executive elements of the process (pump motors, grates, rakes, water gates, etc.) and monitoring through feedback signals from sensors (ultrasonic level sensors, pressure transmitters, etc.).

Modular Mechatronic Systems With an Industry-Oriented Approach

Zorana MANDIĆ, Slobodan LUBURA, Nikola KUKRIĆ

As one of the fields of engineering, which is characterized by a high level of coupling between electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automatic control, and computing is the field of mechatronics, which represents the synergy of all the above-mentioned engineering sciences. From the middle of the last century, when the word mechatronics was coined, to today, the peak of the fourth industrial revolution, the importance and presence of mechatronic systems have been increasingly pronounced. The importance and position of mechatronic systems and their inclusion in the educational process of electrical engineers will be discussed below. The method of organizing such a challenging syllabus using modern mechatronic stations of the Festo company at the higher education institution of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will be presented as well.